FinTech Regulatory Sandbox
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By the end of this training course, trainees will be able to :
-    Inform regulatory reforms to meet the changing demands of the financial sector.
-    Provide regulatory clarity for FinTech innovations.
-    Promote effective competition and the provision of a wider range of products in the interest of the consumer.
-    Monitor disruptive technologies to ensure that they do not introduce systemic risks to the financial system.
-    Facilitate financial inclusion in Jordan.

Target Group

-    FinTech’s partnering with Financial Institutions, standalone FinTech’s, and professional service firms providing support to such businesses.
-    Businesses looking to test; financial services, products and business models regulated by the Central Bank of Jordan, and that use new technology or existing technology in an innovative way. This also includes financial services, products and business models that do not fit neatly in the current regulatory frameworks but, are likely to be regulated by the Central Bank of Jordan as they mature.


-    How technology  relates to new Fintech.
-    Regulation of financial markets, with relevance to new Fintech.
-    Rationale for a FinTech Regulatory Sandbox .
-    Eligibility criteria and evaluation criteria .
-    Potential risks and safeguards .
-    Submission of information and periodic reports.
-    Expiry of approval and exiting the Sandbox.
-    Examples, real use cases , and group discusssions.

Training Activity Rate
Hadeel Tbeishat
Training activity Hours
Training activity Date
12/02/2023 - 16/02/2023
Training Activity Days
Sun- Mon- Tue- Wed- Thu
Start and End Time
17:00 - 20:00
Break Time
18:20 - 18:40
Training Activity Classification
Digitization and Recent Development
Deadline for registration
Price For Jordanian
120 JOD
Price For Non Jordanian
300 US$