Specialized Professional Diploma in Risk Management
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General Goal

This Diploma Program is a combination of training modules designed to deliver a thorough and practical understanding of risk management areas, their frameworks, regulatory requirements and various measurement and management approaches specifically in banks.  The program is designed based on global market best practices, regulatory standards in risk management and leading professional risk management designations.


By the end of this diploma, trainees will be able to :
-   Apply risk management theories, principles, tools and techniques.
-   Explain risk management governance in banks.
-   Create the integration between practice and theory in the risk management areas.
-   Identify the market best practices and global and local regulatory requirements.


Target Group

- The program is suitable for risk management professionals working in the banking industry looking for enhancing their knowledge in different risk management areas.  New risk management employees can take this program . Other professional working in other departments such as treasury, credit, finance, capital, regulatory compliance, audit and operations can also participate .


- Introduction to Risk and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).
- Quantitative Foundations of Risk Management.
- Introduction to Financial Markets and Products.
- Credit Risk Measurement and Management.
- Market Risk Measurement and Management.
- Liquidity Risk Measurement and Management.
- Operational Risk Measurement and Management.
- Regulatory Capital and Supervision under Basel Committee Standards.
- Introduction to Business Continuity Management and Cyber Security Risk.

Type of Traning

Specialized Diploma

Method of Evaluation

- An exam will be placed at the last day of each training unit held at the IBS exam center, each training unit exam’s passing grade is (60) out of 100 marks. - The Diploma Program’s passing grade is (60%) as a weighted average.

Training Activity Rate
مجموعة مدربين
Training activity Hours
Training activity Date
4/02/2024 - 12/05/2024
Training Activity Days
Sun- Mon- Tue- Wed- Thu
Start and End Time
17:00 - 20:00
Break Time
18:20 - 18:40
Training Activity Classification
Deadline for registration
Price For Jordanian
960 JOD
Price For Non Jordanian
1800 US$

* Will be given discounts for groups