Regulatory Compliance specialist (RCS) May 2024
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General Goal


Target Group

Regulatory Compliance Officers in the following industries

  • Banking Industry
  • Insurance and reinsurance Companies
  • Brokerage agencies
  • Leasing and Microfinance Companies
  • Lending Firms
  • Exchange Houses and Money Service Business


Workers in the supervisory authorities e.g:

  • Central Banks
  • Financial Sector Regulatory Authorities
  • Financial Intelligence Units FIUs
  • Related Ministries and government bodies
  • More


Workers at the (IT solution firms) who provide Regulatory Compliance Systems.


Exam Date


Duration of Exam


Exam pass Mark



The International Context

  • Understand the role and significance of international regulatory bodies such as the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), and Wolfsberg Group.
  • Gain awareness of different international regulatory frameworks.
  • Identify the importance of international and regional laws in shaping regulatory compliance.


Risk-Based Approach & Compliance Monitoring


  • Learn about compliance with direct regulatory bodies' instructions and the importance of adhering to regulatory requirements.
  • Understand the concept of legal compliance and the significance of complying with internal policies.
  • Explore the independence of the compliance department and its location within the organisational structure.
  • Gain knowledge of the organisational structure and its impact on regulatory compliance.
  • Understand how a compliance department can be structured and its relationships with other departments within the institution, including Internal Audit, Legal, Risk, and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
  • Identify the board's responsibilities concerning corporate culture, values, risk appetite, management, control, and senior management oversight.


Compliance Policies

  • Understand the five stages of the compliance monitoring and examination process.
  • Learn about the first stage: Request for Information (RFI), and its purpose in gathering necessary compliance-related information.
  • Explore the second stage: Periodic Regulatory Reports and their significance in reporting compliance status.
  • Understand the third stage: Regulatory Inventory Matrix (RIM) and its role in assessing regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Understand the fourth stage: Regulatory Control Matrix (RCM) and its importance in mapping control activities.
  • Learn about the fifth stage: Compliance Examination and its role in evaluating the effectiveness of compliance measures.


Compliance Risk Assessment

  • Understand the purpose of a risk assessment in regulatory compliance.
  • Learn about the frequency of risk assessments and the importance of conducting them regularly.
  • Identify who should conduct the risk assessment and the role of various stakeholders in the process.
  • Explore compliance risk assessments in practice and the methods used to assess and mitigate compliance risks.
  • Gain knowledge of control types and functions and their significance in managing compliance risks.
  • Define the concept of multiple controls and their role in strengthening regulatory compliance.


Type of Traning

Professional Certificate

More info

Examination: Each candidate will receive an email from the GCI support team a few days before their exam date, which will include:

  • GCI_Remote Participant Guide (Please make sure they read it carefully along with the exam policy, which is available at the candidate portal).
  • URL to access the exam.
  • User Name.
  • Password.


Candidates will experience an easy, hassle-free process with online proctored assessment. GCI have the best technology partners and assessment provider (Questionmark) and the strong GCI support team.


  • Exam Duration: 60 Minutes.
  • Number of Questions: 50 Questions.
  • Type of Question: Multiple Choice.
  • Pass Mark: 75/100


Language: Arabic Language


The fees will include the following benefits:

  • Registration for the RCS certificate.
  • Getting RCS study guide hard and soft copy , Getting access to online practice questions through the candidate portal.
  • Attending the RCS training program (15 training hour) and “RCS Exam Preparation” sessions (3 training hour).
  • The participant can take the exam under one of the following options:

1)    The participant can take the exam from home or office during the period mentioned and agreed upon in the schedule above.

2)    The participant can take the exam at the institute’s premises on the day mentioned in the schedule above.

  • One Free retake exam (if candidates didn’t pass the exam from the first time).
  • One-year membership with GCI.
  • The E-certificate and accreditation from the GCI (if the participant pass the exam).
  • Program attending certificate logos (if the participant’s absences did not exceed 20%).
  • Candidates will be automatically updated with the latest versions of his/her certificate’s study guide, and they can take the corresponding Delta exam for free. The certificate will always be valid; Candidates will never have to pay outrageous fees for a re-certification exam. This service simply allows candidates to stay up-to-date on the latest information in a way that’s convenient and absolutely free).



Training Activity Rate
Training activity Hours
Training activity Date
19/05/2024 - 2/06/2024
Training Activity Days
Sun- Mon- Tue- Wed- Thu
Start and End Time
17:00 - 20:00
Break Time
18:20 - 18:40
Training Activity Classification
Deadline for registration
Price For Jordanian
600 JOD
Price For Non Jordanian
847 US$

Issued by: Global Compliance Institute (GCI) / AUS