Introduction to Risk and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
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By the end of this training course, trainees will be able to :

 -       Explain the history and drivers of risk management practices in the banking industry.

-       Compare and contrast the main risk management setting bodies and standards.

-       Identify the internal control integrated framework.

-       Apply the concepts of enterprise risk management (ERM).

-       Discuss the nature and purpose of internal control, audit and risk assurance techniques.

-       Illustrate the key features of a risk management framework and enterprise risk management framework (ERM).

-       Implement the main approaches to risk identification, assessment, evaluation and analysis.

-       Distinguish the main features of risk control techniques.

-       Explain the significance of issues of culture, appetite and tolerance, as well the key features of corporate governance models, project risk and operational management systems.

Target Group

-  Professionals working in:

-    Risk .

-    Regulatory Compliance.

-    Audit.

-    Finance.

-    Corporate Governance.


-       Risk management and the banking industry:

-       History of banking risk management.

-       Key risk categories.

-       Risk management standard setting bodies.

-       Risk management key principals.

-       Risk and organizations:

-       Introduction to corporate governance.

-       Identifying stakeholders, including regulatory bodies.

-       Internal control integration:

-       Defining internal control.

-       Control environment.

-       Risk assessment.

-       Control activities.

-       Information & communication.

-       Monitoring.

-       Enterprise risk management (ERM):

-       Defining ERM.

-       ERM overview.

-       ERM related standards and publications.

-       Integrating with strategy and performance.

-       Setting up and implementation of an ERM framework.

-       Risk management data aggregation and reporting.

-       Case studies .

Type of Traning

Short Course

Training Activity Rate
Training activity Hours
Training activity Date
21/04/2024 - 23/04/2024
Training Activity Days
Sun- Mon- Tue
Start and End Time
17:00 - 20:00
Break Time
18:20 - 18:40
Training Activity Classification
In class
Deadline for registration
Price For Jordanian
72 JOD
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135 US$

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