Certified International Call Center Representative (CICCR) Certification October 2022
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Module 1: Introduction to Call Center Soft Skills:


What is a Call Center?

Why Do They Call?

Caller Satisfaction

Why Do Customers Leave?

What are the Customer Values!

Customer Service Professionalism

What Drives Our Actions?

Customer Service Overview

Customer Expects

 How Important is Tone

How Meaning is Communicated

Voice Quality

Barriers to Listening

Communication Skills

Proper Phone Techniques

Create a Positive Telephone Image

 Call Closing

Negative Phrases

 Positive Phrases

Questions Types

Call Quality

Two-Way Communication

Barriers to Effective Communication

Techniques for Effective Listening

Putting Caller on Hold

Transferring the Caller

Closing Tie Downs

Professional Phrases

Handling Talkative Callers


Module 2: Complaint Handling Basics
  • The cause of customer complaints
  • The benefits of handling complaints effectively
  • The learning value of complaints
  • Complaining customers can get angry
  • Summary and suggestions
 Module 3: Active Listening
  • The importance of listening
  • Passive versus active listening
  • Steps in active listening
  • Words to encourage the other person to do most of the talking
Module 4: Anger Diffusion and Objection Handling
  • Treating anger as an emotional state
  • Recognizing anger
  • Diffusing other people's anger
  • How to apologize without admitting guilt
  • Transition from anger to diffusion
  • Prerequisites to handling objections
  • Recognizing and objection
  • Handling objections
  • Moving to safer grounds
  • Summary and suggestions
Module 5: Mediation and Negotiations
  •  Prerequisites to mediation
  • Recognizing the parties
  • Define your role as a third-part solution broker
  • Mediation steps
  • Mediation results
  • Summary and suggestions
  • Prerequisites to negotiations
  • Steps in negotiating
  • Understanding bargaining chips
  • Negotiation styles
  • Negotiation results
  • Summary and results




Type of Traning

Professional Certificate

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Professional Designation

 Successful candidates will be granted the Call Center Certification after sitting for a three-hour examination.


 the exam is under UITI supervision on UITI platform Completion of the certification program requires completion of multiple choice examinations consisting of 80 questions / passing grade is (48/80) .

·  تم تزويد المشاركين بالمادة العلمية الكترونياً.

·  حضور البرنامج التدريبي بواقع (12) ساعة تدريبية.

· التقدم للامتحان الفعلي (Online) من المنزل (توفر شركة UITI الامتحان الكترونياً عبر منصتها).

· يحصل المشارك على شهادة حضور للبرنامج.

· يحصل المشارك الذي يجتاز الامتحان بنجاح على شهادة الاختصاصي.





Training Activity Rate
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Training activity Date
23/10/2022 - 27/10/2022
Training Activity Days
Sun- Mon- Tue- Wed- Thu
Start and End Time
5:00 - 8:00
Break Time
6:15 - 6:30
Training Activity Classification
Support Operations
In class
Deadline for registration
Price For Jordanian
650 JOD
Price For Non Jordanian
918 US$

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